Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Conference Schedule

Turkish and Ottoman Studies Graduate Student Conference

(April 15th and 16th 2010)
University of Washington
Seattle Campus

Reception and Keynote Address:
Thursday, April 15th - Kane Hall 225 (The Walker-Ames Room)

Opening Remarks
Reşat Kasaba
University of Washington

Keynote Address (7 pm)
Karen Barkey, Columbia University
"Ottoman Religious Diversity: What do we know? What should be our next questions?"

Introduction by Daniel Chirot, University of Washington

Reception (8 pm - 9 pm)

Conference Schedule:

Friday, April 16th – Kane Hall, the Walker-Ames Room
9 am - 5 pm

Panel 1: The Quill and the Quip (9 am)

Chair: Walter Andrews, University of Washington

Banu Kangal, California State University, Los Angeles. “The Last Man: Chronicles of Orientalism”

Veli N. Yashin, Columbia University. "Stuttering: On the Institution of Turkish Literary Studies"

Mehmet Fatih Uslu, Bilkent University. “Reading the Modern Literatures of Ottoman Armenians and Turks Together: Conflicts and Conciliations”

Coffee Break (10.15-10.30 am)

Panel 2: Conceptualizing Urban Space (10.30 am)

Chair: Turan Kayaoğlu University of Washington

Burcak Özlüdil Altın; Rutgers University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (Joint Ph.D. Program). “Building Sanity: Mental Institutions in Istanbul, 1870-1927”

Nilay Kayaalp, Bosphorus University. “Republican Response to Ottoman Cosmopolitanism: Evaluation of Levantine Architecture by Nationalist Architects: The Case of Alexandre Vallaury”

Jessica Boll, University of Wisconsin. “Home, Hasret and Hüzün: Shifting Identities in the Cosmopolitan Context of (Early) Modern Istanbul”

Muzaffer Özgüleş, Istanbul Technical University. “Architectural Reading of the Imperial Vision and Desire of Mehmed II: The Need for a New Palace”

Lunch Break (12.15-1.30 pm)

Lunch Talk:

Nurhan Atasoy, the Turkish Cultural Foundation

Made possible through the support of Turkish Cultural Foundation

Introduction by Selim S. Kuru, University of Washington

Panel 3: Refashioning the Individual, State and Society (1.30 pm)

Chair: Selim S. Kuru, University of Washington

Faika Çelik, McGill University. “Civilizing Mission” in the Late Ottoman Discourse: A case study of Muallim Saadi’s Layiha on Gypsies”

Ekin Enacar, University of Chicago. “Citizenship Education in the Ottoman Empire during the Young Turk Era (1909-1918)”

David Mason, McGill University. “Teaching Skepticism to Children: Samancıgil’s Detective Hero Hızır Kaplan”

Esra Taşdelen, University of Chicago. “Dressing the Ottoman Lady: Fashion and Women's Rights in the Ottoman Journal ‘Mahasin’ ”

Coffee Break (3.15-3.30)

Panel 4: Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion (3.30 pm)

Chair: Reşat Kasaba, University of Washington

Berke Torunoğlu, University of Wisconsin. “Murder in Salonika, 1876: A Tale of Apostasy Turned into an International Crisis”

Joakim Parslow, University of Washington. “A State of Exceptions: Negotiating Military Court Jurisdiction in Turkey”

Zeynep Aydoğan, San Francisco State University. “Symbolics Politics of the Kurdish Democratic Opening”

Film Screening, Kane 220 (7 pm)

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